Hello there ! Check out the pictures of our last gig in Solothurn : Eleven Rock Festival Keep' on rockin' !!!


We just heard a last minute change from our concert at Z7. Freedom Call will record a DVD at their concert on December 29th, so we can't play at Z7 on 29th. Our concert at the Z7 is therefore moved to 28 December, we will play as main support act for Brainstorm at 20:30. Keep on rockin!


After a year without gig, Dawnless gets back on stage! A long year of silence due to personnal troubles and worries that affected us and thoses close to us. A year that stopped us from being at the top but that allowed us, nevertheless, to sign up with german label Evil Eye Entertainment. We're also in the process of composing our third album which looks promising. So we're back on the track, more motivated than ever, with an opening act at Z7 Pratteln. Other shows still to be arranged will be added on. So we're hoping to see many of you to have a blast together live! Rock'n'Roll!!


Dear fans, we're really proud to inform you that our album "While Hope Remains" is now available on the largest music store in the wolrd : iTunes ! We'd like to thank our label "Evil Eye Entertainement" for their great job.


Happy new year to you all! We're happy to announce the lately signed deal with german label Evil Eye Entertainement. Our second album "While Hope Remains" will be distributed worldwide starting this spring. The label will insure the album promo in magazines and the "Winds Of Fate" videoclip will be played on iMusic1 channel. Gig dates will soon be confirmed. We're looking forward to get back to you in coming up gigs! Cheers!


Our new website is online ! You can now buy our albums directyl from the shop. All that you need is a credit card or a Paypal account. While Hope Remains (Mix 2009) is now also available. Enjoy !


It's already been 6 months that our second album "While Hope Remains" has seen the day. Over 700 copies have been sold during concerts and in local stores since then. Unfortunately, this album being auto-produced, the sound quality doesn't fit today's music industry's standards. It is why we recently took the decision of getting "While Hope Remains" entirely re-mixed and re-mastered in a profesionnal studio. The re-mixed album will be available within a couple of months and a brand new website to get along with it! An online shop with credit card payment possibility will also be added. Thanx to you all for your support and get ready to re-discover Dawnless in "While Hope Remains" new mix release! Happy new year to you all!


Dawnless will perform live on Swiss television during the "Musicomax" program, the new musical show of TSR2 and the radio Couleur3. Switch on your TV the saturdays 29th November and 20th Decembre at 6 p.m. More informations on Musicomax,


After spending the whole winter recording the second album, the band broke the silence and is back on track with a brand new record, more energy, gigs, TV broadcasts,..... and more to come... Stay tuned!


We really had a lot of fun to play last night at the mythical Z7 in Pratteln ! It was a short gig (30min.), but be sure that we won't forget it..! Everything was perfect there, especially the sound, the staff and the organisation. Special thanks to Andrea from Sylversun Production and to Lukas (technic). Thanks also to the great public we had there ! We hope we'll be back there, one of these days ...


From May 2006, we sold more than 1300 albums of "A Way of Escape" almost only in Wallis (the place we come from). We are proud now to inform you that we found a retailer, Willy Lugeon. From next month, it'll be possible to get the cd from everywhere in the world by credit card. We are now working on the next album wich will normaly be recorded next winter. Thank you again for your support !


You can now download the video "Winds of Fate" on the "Medias" directory ! With the programms Quicktime or Real Player, you can see it in full screen. Dawnless would like to thank Yves Pouliquen (realisator) for his wonderful work, Fabien (2nd cameraman) and Patrick Léger (montage). Finaly we would like to thank Roland Brunner, chief pilot of Eagle Helicopter. Without him, nothing wouldn't have be possible.


Happy New Year ! You'll have the possiblility to download our video "Winds of Fate" from the next week, be patient ! The concert's list will be updated soon. Thank you again for your support !


The shooting session of "Winds of Fate" was a success ! You can find some pics (with french comments) of this incredible day on : http://dawnless.skyblog.com.


Fresh news ! After all the good gigs of this summer, we are proud to inform you that we're going to shoot a video of the song "Winds of Fate". It'll be shot on the top of a mountain of our valley with all the intruments !


After long months of work, the recording of our first album "A Way of Escape" is finaly over ! From now, you have the possibility to order it directly from this website. We thank you for your support !


Hi guys! It's finally time to make it official. The date of the coming out of the album is gonna be the april 29th. We've added a few pics that have been taken during the recording and mixing sessions...


There won't be any more live dates added untill next year considering that the recording of our fisrt album is gonna take all our time. We actually already are focused on it, and further informations and pictures are gonna pop up throughout the recording. Thanx to all of you for your support, and can't hide we're quite looking forward to present you our first born :) ...


Great night at the Yukon Bike Show... Special thanx to Unchain and thanx to all that were there of course....


Concert list updated and new live pics added...


New concerts added to the list: Saturday april 9th in Le Châble (Concordia Hall) with Leeway, Mai 21st at the Yukon Cafe (the one in Fully this time), and another one still to be confirmed at the Collombey Bikeshow on july 2nd...


Pics of the Yukon Cafe concert added...


Concert at the Yukon-café at Collombey on saturday 22 of january. More dates will soon be added in the "Concert" menu.


Awesome concert yesterday night at the Dionis Club though kinda short... So much fun... Thanx a lot to all that have supported us there... you know who you are ;-) ....Hope to see you soon for some more HEAVY METAL!!!!!


Some new songs will soon be done and added to our playlist... This summer has been focused more on songs composition and organisation of concerts for this fall and the whole next year


Pics of the concert at the Veaudoux added


MP3's available in the MP3 section


Concert in the Veaudoux hall on may 14th.


The website has been updated and will regularely get changes and more stuff will be added. You may register in the mailing list and get directly informed.

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